Workplace Injury Lawyer

A workplace injury covers both physical and mental injuries that occur in the course of work. That may include work-related accidents on and off of company property, and can also include any sickness or mental trouble stemming from work activity.

Whether you have had a slip, trip and fall injury on your company's premises, or you were injured while performing your work duties, talk to us about your legal rights. The conditions of your workplace, unsafe behavior, and the safety measures taken at your work place are all important factors in evaluating your case. A Law Offices of Sharon Cohen lawyer will listen carefully to our client's story and evaluate the legal options for building a case.

If you have been injured at work, you should talk to a lawyer about whether you may be eligible for compensation. You owe it to yourself to see that justice is done. A workplace injury lawyer at Law Offices of Sharon Cohen has the legal training and expertise to provide legal representation and legal services to our clients. If you need a workplace injury attorney, contact Law Offices of Sharon Cohen today. We are located in Chico, CA and also have a disability lawyer and personal injury lawyer as well.