Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers’ Compensation reform passed in 1996, giving workers a harder time explaining their situation related to work injury. Injured workers now must have excellent representation in order to fight their issue that has been caused by work. At our law firm, we’ll be sure to defend your case and settle it once and for all.

We have represented hundreds of injured workers in the Chico, CA area. Our law firm represents the injured workers, not the insurance companies, giving you the personal care and defense you deserve when combatting work injury policies. You should not be unprepared going into a case and we want to help give proper justice to your situation.

Whether you need a personal injury lawyer, a work place injury lawyer or other services, we can help. With out worker's compensation attorney you’ll be sure to get the highest quality defense for your case. For more information on all of our legal services, contact Law Offices of Sharon Cohen in Chico, CA today!