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    Sharon is an amazing lady, she has compassion, she keeps it REAL, patient, kind and knows how to get the job done. If you need advice, legal help or a case handled call her office and schedule a consultation. Her staff is very helpful, understanding and prompt. Thank you all very much for helping me thru a frustrated issue and for always being there for me everytime I reached out.

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    Sharon Cohen was the best suggestion anyone ever gave me when I had work related injuries. She was very interested in the detail of the case, and she asked questions that I hadn't even thought were pertinent. I was made to feel at ease right away by her personal style, and when she invited me to hand over all the papers and correspondence so that she could take care of things, it was like a huge weight was lifted right there and then. It was evident from the beginning that her previous experience as a Registered Nurse was incredibly useful because I worked in a health care setting, so she understood what I was referring to without lengthy explanations. She informed me that the injured workers she sees are from all types of occupations. Sharon explained the process to me, and the variety of options available and I never felt pressure to do anything. Sharon returned my calls, the number one complaint I hear from friends and coworkers about Attorneys. I felt like I had someone fighting in my corner and she stayed in there for the long haul. I have no hesitation in recommending her practice, even to just run your problem by her for sound advice and the pros and cons of what to do. The resolution of my case and the compensation I received was so much better than I expected. Up until I had my first informal consultation with Sharon, I thought I was on my own; far from it. It's the first time I had ever asked an Attorney to help me, and I was held back by stereotypes of being sucked into a never ending process costing me money, but it was the other way around. If you are wondering what to do following a physical or psychological injury, plus feel wronged by your employer, give her a call, you won't regret it.